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Updated: Jan 7


I have previous pmu from another artist, can I still book with you?


It depends on how dense your current pigment is and if the shape needs to be corrected. Text me a picture in clear lighting and we can chat!


A lot of the time we can totally refresh them or come up with a plan for correction.


What is the booking process?


The first time you come to me we book an initial session and a perfecting session 8-12 weeks out. After that, you refresh your brows every 1-3 years.

Every booking requires a deposit to hold your appointment.


What if I don’t know what kind of brows I want/need?


When it comes to booking, select “new client” or “returning client” on Vagaro, my scheduling app. You don’t have to know the exact technique you want when you schedule. We will have a full consultation before we begin where we go over what would be best for you and discuss your goals.


How long does the appointment take?


Each appointment takes up to 90 minutes.


How do I prepare for my appointment?


No need to pluck, wax or trim your brows. I love to see them in their natural state and I’ll clean them up for you. You can come bare-faced or with makeup on, I’ll be cleaning your brows so don’t stress either way.

-please do not use brow growth serums if you plan on getting your brows done! You must be off brow serums for at least 6 months

-please do NOT come in hung over! Trust me it’s no fun for you or for me. No alcohol 24 hours before your appointment.

-Refer to my blog post "Before your Appointment".


How long does it take to heal?


Full aftercare will be given to you at your appointment. On average it takes about 7-10 days to heal but it differs on everybody. Your brows will be slightly darker until they are healed but they still look beautiful right after your session!

Cancellation policy



Before 48 Hours - If you need to reschedule for any reason you may reschedule prior to 48 hours without losing your deposit and it can be transferred to another appointment date.

«Less than 48 hours

You will lose 100% of your deposit and will need to pay another non-

refundable deposit in order to book again.


If you need to cancel your appointment within less than 48 hours or fail to show up to your appointment, you forfeit 100% of your deposit.

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